powder coating malaysia

Powder coating Malaysiapowder coating malaysia

Powder coating is a method by which surfaces are covered with dry powder. The coating does not need a solvent for keeping filler parts and binder in a liquid form. This makes it even more sustainable than some water borne liquid paints. After powder coating application, the coat requires curing. Curing is a process by which the powder is heated so that it uniformly sticks to the surface. Initially though, the powder is applied to a surface using static electricity. Powder coatings has become more popular than conventional paints. This is due to a number of benefits that the coating provides over paints.

  • Firstly, powder coating does not use any sort of liquid. This means that the non-cured the coating does come off easily.
  • Secondly, the coatings do not run off. This means they can be uniformly applied to the entire surface without creating any sort of spills.
  • In addition, the coatings do not produce any differences. It does not matter whether you apply it horizontally or vertically, the final piece will appear without any difference.

Powder coating aluminum objects and other substrates

Powder coatings are very common in industrial applications. Originally, powder coating was suitable only for metals like aluminum. Nevertheless, technological development allows now powder coating applications also on heat sensitive material such as plastic, wood and medium density fiberboard (MDF). Applying powder coating aluminum rims may require a primer application which increases the substrate’s conductivity and eases the application. However, wooden materials such as MDF often do not require a primer due to its porosity and homogeneous surface.

Powder coatings are suitable for:

  • Electric appliances;
  • Machinery;
  • Automotive surfaces and parts like rims and aluminum wheels;
  • Iron and steel constructions;
  • MDF window frames;
  • Aluminum, plastic & wood;
  • Gates and bridge rails;
  • etc.

Powder coating equipmentpowder coating equipment

Powder coating equipment can vary according to the surface that needs to be coated. There is a variety of equipment that can be used to prepare a surface before it can be coated. Certain chemical treatments need to be done to the surface. The chemicals can be applied using spray guns and the chemicals include phosphates and chromates.

Nevertheless, the industry is ever-changing and evolving. A number of coating equipment includes automated complicated systems. There are also many other methods to prepare a surface for powder coating. These methods include electrostatic-coating. This can be achieve using automated tube systems. These are mainly found in high-end industrial plants. Other methods involve using abrasive blasting. Steel is also used to prepare a surface for powder coatings. Once the surface is prepared, electrostatic guns can be used to spray the coating.

Powder coating rims and wheels at home (DIY)

One can apply coatings to various types of tools and equipment to make them last longer. Common DIY applications are powder coating rims of a car and aluminum wheels. To begin with, you firstly need to understand what is the material that you are going to coat. Most of the at home applications are electrostatic-spray applications. The following steps help you with a basic powder coating application on rims or aluminum wheels.

  1. Clean the surface from all the rust and traces of corrosion from the object. Use a lint free cloth to make sure no fibers stick to the surface.
  2. Make sure the object is completely dry and dust free. Then hang the object on a hook and attach the earth clamp. Note that good earthing of the object is necessary. Otherwise you will not reach the ideal coverage.
  3. Turn the flow screw of the spray gun clockwise (closed position). Point the gun tip away from the object and pull the trigger fully. Gradually unscrew the flow screw so that the powder exits the tip as a cloud.
  4. Point the spray gun at the object, about 200 mm away. Apply powder by pulling the trigger. Make sure that the coating is equal in all parts. It is wise to coat all inside corners first due to the fact that full coverage is not possible if coated as last.
  5. Remove the earth clamp and then spray the area where it was attached.
  6. After applying the powder, take the object, on the hook, to the oven. Be sure not to rub off the powder!
  7. Cure the object by reaching the recommended surface temperature. The curing process usually takes 10 to 15 minutes.
  8. After the curing process, the object is ready for use.

powder coating

Complete map of powder coating Malaysia suppliers and applicators

Above is a map of the powder coating companies – applicators and manufacturers – located across Malaysia. These companies provide services ranging from the industrial to the domestic, and whatever your need, you can find the right coater for the job. For smaller powder coating projects we recommend you find your local specialist. For large-scale industrial projects, we are here to help you find the powder coating company with the capacity and capability to complete the job.

Looking for prices for powder coating or a custom made quote?

Feel free to ask for a quote or multiple quotes to compare from one of our partners. Please make sure to send as many details of the project or surface as possible, this helps tremendously in making a sharp offer.

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