Fire retardant paint

What is fire retardant paint?

Fireproof paint or fire retardant paint is a type of coating that can be applied on surfaces to prevent fire accidents. Fire retardants have a number of uses as follows:

  • They can be used on skyscrapers to reduce the risk of a fire.
  • They can be applied on walls of buildings.

What are the other solutions for fire protection?

Intumescent coating is simply using intumescent to coat surfaces so as to make them fireproof. This method of using intumescent can be referred to as intumescent fireproofing. It is usually a passive fire resistance technique.

Passive fire resistance, in turn, refers to the technique of using fire retardants in buildings and structures to mitigate the effects of fire when it occurs. It is therefore a precautionary measure that is taken before an accident happens.

Active fire resistance, on the other hand, is the stopping of fire accidents after they have occurred. It can include manual methods such as using fire extinguishers.

Fireproofing solutions

  • Spray

Fire retardant spray are quite popular due to their affordability and ease-of-use. They can be used in households to make things fireproof that are likely to catch fire.

  • Foam

Fireproof foam or fire extinguishers are typical in buildings and various commercial sites.

  • Paint

Fire retardant paint can be used to meet certain safety requirements. It is useful on large structures such as industrial plants.

  • Cable coating

Fire proof cables can be sued to coat wire and other electrical equipment to reduce fire hazards.

  • Additives

Fireproof additives are useful substances that can be added to compounds to make them fire proof.

Intumescent fire retardant paint for wood and steel

Fire retardant coatings for wood are very effective in terms of protecting wooden surfaces from fire. Various neighborhoods these days have wooden fences that can easily catch fire. Applying fire retardant coatings on these fences can greatly reduce the risk.

Not only this, but since the wood will be protected, it will last for a longer while. This means that applying these coatings can make a wooden surface more durable and robust.

Furthermore, Steel rods are very common in modern building and factories. Intumescent coating can protect these structures from hazardous situations.

Fire resistant paint for home

Heat resistant paint can be applied in households as well. As mentioned earlier, fire retardant sprays can be used for such a purpose. It is indeed an extra precautionary measure to protect your house from accidents.

Fire resistant coating can be applied on fireplaces. This ensures that your house is protected from unprecedented fire accidents. The fireplace hence becomes safer and more appealing to look at.

Furthermore, furniture can catch fire very easily. This is particularly true for fabric items such as curtains. Jackets and other clothing items may also get damaged. Spraying fire retardants on these items can greatly reduce the risk of a fire.

Fire retardant paint manufacturers and prices in Malaysia

There are a number of suppliers that provide fire retardants in Malaysia. Tai Sin and WoodLandor are some of the suppliers. Fire proof paint and other items can cost up to RM 200.

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