self-leveling epoxy coating

What is self-leveling epoxy coating?

As the name implies, self-leveling epoxy coating is a form of self-leveling flooring system which is used on various types of floors so as to make them smooth and even. They are usually applied on concrete floors but they are also an effective option on other kinds of floors such as those made of wood.

Surfaces that have cracks and bends can be made smoother by coating them with self-leveling paint. The paint settles in these cracks to fill them up and hence creates an even surface. Self-Leveling floor coating can be used on:

  • Industry floors
  • Garage floors
  • On Showroom floors

How does self-leveling epoxy floor coating work?

Self-leveling epoxy floor coatings are made up of several additives that can easily flow and settle in cracks and dents. In order to use the floor screed, the floors need to be prepared by making them stable and should be cleaned.

Primer can be applied on floors so as to allow the self-leveling coating to bond strongly to the surface. Once you have applied the primer, make sure that you give it some time to dry off. Otherwise, the self-leveling coat may not work properly.

After preparing the self-leveling compound, it can be applied on the uneven surfaces. The coat will harden after approximately 5 hours.

Self-leveling epoxy floor paint

For wooden floors

Wooden floors are rarely leveled out. They usually have a number of gaps in between and the surface is very rough along with being quite uneven. This can sometimes prove to be quite hazardous for those who walk or use these floors in one way or the other.

Therefore, a quick and easy solution to the problem is to use self-leveling floor coatings. Once applied, the coating will level out the wooden surface

For concrete floors

Concrete floors can have a number of cracks and bends. Applying self-leveling epoxy coating on such surfaces can be a cost-effective measure to level them out.

Industries can make use of this as industrial floors are usually made out of concrete. A leveled out floor will make the work more efficient and convenient for front line workers.

Self-leveling epoxy floor patch

Self-leveling epoxy floor patches can be used to level out various types of floors. They can come pre-mixed with other substances as well thereby increasing their utility. A number of different surfaces can be made smoother by applying floor patches.

Wooden surfaces such as those in garages can make use of such patches. This is particularly beneficial if one carries out a number of manual tasks. A leveled floor provides extra safety and is much more secure than otherwise.

Furthermore, uneven garage floors can harm one’s car as the wheels might get stuck or get affected in some other way. In order to prevent such things from happening, self-leveling coating can be applied on garage floors.

Local Manufacturers and prices Malaysia

There are a number of providers that sell self-leveling floor coating in Malaysia. Epoxy flooring Malaysia and Building Materials Online are some of the suppliers. It can cost up to $100.


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