tank linings

What are tank linings?

Most of the cargo and storage tanks in Malaysia are constructed from mild steel (plain-carbon steel). Steel erodes and also needs protection against the carriage of aggressive chemicals. Due to the remarkable growth of chemical industry, shipping industry carries more than 50,000 different chemical substances. Tank coatings and linings are real game changers in this field; for they protect the tanks and the carriage as well as increases the durability of the tanks.

Choose you tank linings well

The main challenges of chemical cargo and storage tanks are the absorption of cargo substances in the cargo tank lining. This can contaminate future cargoes due to the fact that sometimes very small amounts of the previous cargo remains in the inside of the tank. To prepare the tank lining for the next cargo the tank has to be cleaned thoroughly. Fortunately,tank linings coatings help to switch from one cargo to the next with minimal downtime. Combine this with tightening government regulations on permissible cleaning detergents and you will see that an expert coating can save you time and money!

How are tanks coated?
Tank liner coating

When coating a whole tank or cargo hold the process generally goes like this:

  • First the tank must be degreased and bulkheads need to be sandblasted
  • Secondly a rotating grinder grinds the tank to a bright steel finish
  • Then one or two primer coats are applied
  • Depending on the necessary film thickness three or four finishing coats are applied

To ensure maximum durability of the coatings we highly recommend experienced coating experts for application in Malaysia. Applying cargo tank coating or tank linings coating is very complex and different cargoes require specific coatings.


Water tank coating with epoxy

All ships have potable water tanks to store potable drinking water. In Malaysia there are also several private and government owned water tanks. And while the tank size and type can vary, the requirements are always the same: to provide people with clean, fresh water.

This means the water tank has to be coated with a certified internal tank coating that protects the steel tank from corrosion and keeps the water inside clean.

There are a variety of water tank lining solutions to meet the various application demands such as low temperature cure products, surface tolerant mastics as well as moisture tolerant coatings to meet your design and application needs. Manufacturers of epoxy coating for water tank linings in the Malaysia are: Hempel, Sherwin Williams, 3M and Jotun. 

Sustainability for internal tank coating and linings

Water tank linings coatingThe durability of properly applied and maintained cargo tank coating and tank linings may be over ten years. On the other hand one mistake in cargo selection may totally ruin a coating. Not only must the fabric of the tank itself be protected but contamination of the product being stored must be avoided. To meet these requirements, tank lining products must combine exceptional anti-corrosive performance with effective chemical resistance. To ensure compatibility between the tank lining and the product stored, it is essential that the chemical resistance list is consulted prior to specification. So, before you can buy your cargo tank coating or tank linings coating you need consider your vessel’s or storage tank typical cargoes and cargo sequence to ensure you get the right coating. If you need assistance with this, our coating experts are happy to help.

International paint offers an application guide called the cargo resistance guide which covers over a thousand different cargoes with advice about which coating to use.

The durability of properly applied and maintained tank linings coating may be over ten years. On the other hand one mistake in cargo selection may totally ruin a coating.

To minimize the chance of mistakes International paint offers an application guide called cargo resistance guide which covers over a thousand different cargoes with advice about suitable coatings. Also other coating manufacturers like Jotun have similar resistance lists stating approved cargoes, temperature and time limitations. Furthermore, shipyard requirements have an effect on the tank lining coatings; the regulations very from region to region.

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